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  • Follow Holly the Twister Sister in this DVD video to learn balloon twisting of POD BODS! Pod Bods are extrememly versatile balloon animal designs that convert from headbands, bracelets, sticks, candy cups and table toppers all without having to change anything. Once you get the basic concept down for the body design you can literally make anything just by changing out the legs and head!
  • This DVD has 79 minutes of instructions in balloon animal twisting and training. Learn how to make beautiful and stunning animal balloon Pod Bods!
  • Holly the Twister Sister is a top notch balloon animal twister and instructor. Many of her students have used her YouTube videos to learn the art of balloon twisting.
  • This DVD is another quality balloon animal twisting instructional and training video from The Twister Sister Training Videos.
  • DVD Release Date: July 12, 2016

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