A board with four different coloured balloons. The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction label on the rear side of the board. After each balloon is burst (freely named by the spectators), the only one that remains matches with the magician’s prediction.

Simple, ingenious magic with a prop that does all the work for you.

Perfect for new or professional magicians for assemblies, services and parties.


You can present this for laughs or really build up the mystery element of the mind reading, it’s completely up to you and what suits your style. Add silly over sized glasses as mind reading goggles or a colander on an elasticated strap as a thought-transmitting helmet!

Combine this with balloon modelling or needle through balloon trick for a theme presentation.

Draw faces, names, animals etc on the balloons to tie in with a story or theme.

Have fun with the balloon popping. Get every one to stick their fingers in their ears. Pretend you’re not frighted at all…but you jump every time!

Gospel Presentation:

Ideal for any message on the choices we make in life. Will we pick God’s way or our way?

  • Self-working (the stand does all the work for you!)
  • Versatile, can be adapted to suit a wide variety of shows or messages
  • Professional quality prop

Any kind of balloon can be used. You’re supplied with 20 balloons to get you off to an immediate start.

Remember the volunteers have a completely free choice. Which ever balloon is left is the one with the arrow each and every time!

A professional quality prop from that master of Italian Magic Vincento DiFatta.

If you’re looking for that special piece of magic that colourful, baffling, entertaining and memorable then look no further.

Bound to be POP-ular in your shows!

You will receive: Professional Quality Balloon Stand with inbuilt gimmick (46x28cm), x20 balloons and instructions for use.

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